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Happy elderly couple riding bicycles

Optimizing Your Outcome From Total Joint Replacement

Authored by Michael Miller, PAC Deciding when to have a joint replacement is an important decision, but one that can lead to improved quality of life for many years. Our goal for your total joint replacement is for you to return to your desired activities of daily living including walking, climbing stairs, driving, traveling, yard…
Face mask used to protect against COVID-19

COVID-19: Preparing For or Recovering From Hip or Knee Replacement

The extent to which COVID-19 has impacted our lives is great and has left many patients with unanswered questions. Those who have just undergone hip or knee replacement or are delayed in doing so are most likely wondering what to do next. It is an unfortunate situation that this crisis is occurring during the time…
TOA treats Bursitis

Is My Joint Pain Arthritis or BURSITIS?

With over 50 million Americans in the United States suffering from some form of arthritis, it is understandable that one may assume that the pain they are experiencing in their joints is arthritis related. Though that statement could be very true to some extent, not all joint pain is a direct cause of arthritis. A…
Top Docs 2019 - Baltimore Magazine

Baltimore Magazine’s Top Doctors of 2019

Congratulations to our Baltimore Top Docs! Baltimore Magazine, November 2019 On behalf of our entire family here at Towson Orthopaedic Associates, we’d like to extend a very special congratulations to our doctors recognized in Baltimore Magazine’s Top Doctors of 2019. Their hard work and dedication is not only reflected in their achievements, but also in…
Group of elderly and young men and women doing yoga

How Can Exercise Help Joint Pain?

It’s no secret that joint pain affects millions. According to the Arthritis Foundation, roughly 54 million adults in the U.S. suffer from joint pain caused by arthritis alone, a number which only includes doctor-diagnosed cases. Countless others remain undiagnosed…and untreated. Most rely on over-the-counter medications and sheer willpower to make it through each agonizing day.…
Taylor Sammons celebrates with teammates

One Wrong Step: A Story of Dedication and Strength

You’re cheering from the stands when you see your child fall to the ground. Your heart stops and you hold your breath. A hush falls over the crowd and time seems to stand still. If you’re lucky, the moment is brief, and the game goes on. But what happens when it doesn’t? In September of…
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